Kitchen - Weston Rd, Ealing

The Project

Our remit was to completely transform a fairly small kitchen.  The new kitchen was to be a contemporary modern design that utilised the space.  The colour chosen for the units, complemented the style of the home.

One of the main features added was a pocket door.  Prior to the project, the regular door that was in situ, was cutting the room in half when opened.  By adding a pocket door, that would slide into the wall, the space was completely transformed.

Transformation Begins

The first stage was to remove the existing kitchen.  The team wasted no time dismantling all the existing kitchen units and removing all items from the premises to start with a clean slate.

Stripped Out Kitchen

Back to Bare Bones

The room was completely stripped to bare bones before work began to transform the space; first removing the existing kitchen units, tiles, and flooring…

And then removing the existing door and preparing the space for the new, space-saving pocket door.

Building Begins

Once the space had been cleared, the team began assembling the new units.

The complete job including:

  • Stripping everything back
  • Assembling Kitchen Units
  • Plumbing
  • Electrics
  • Flooring
  • Pocket Door

Took only a couple of weeks to complete!

The Completed Product

Weston Rd Kitchen 2
Weston Rd Kitchen 1
Weston Rd Kitchen 3

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