Door Hanging

We fit both interior and exterior doors ensuring safety and quality fitting.  As well as fitting new doors, we can rehang or adjust existing doors.  

Maybe you have just moved into a new home or recently had a refurbishment.  Even just a re-arrangement of furniture means it may make more sense to rehang a door to open a different way.  Door hanging takes a lot of experience and skill to ensure the door fits perfectly within it’s frame with no sticking and no draughty gaps.

Repair and Adjustments

Repairing or adjusting an existing door can save you the money it would cost to get a replacement.


Having a new carpet fitted, can mean that your the bottom of your door needs to be trimmedso that it opens and closes smoothly, but without having an unsightly gap at the bottom.


Over time, doors may need planing due swelling in damp weather conditions.  We can ensure that your door looks good as new with a professional finish.

Door Frames

As part of our door fitting service, we can also fit new door frames for a smart finish.  Alternatively, if you feel that your existing door frames could do with a little TLC, we can repair them and cracks and dents that may have been caused accidently or by wear and tear over time.  We can also re-inforce door frames improving safety and durability.